bijouxbizarres JEWELLERY wholesale showroom

bijouxbizarres JEWELLERY wholesale showroombijouxbizarres JEWELLERY wholesale showroom

Once upon a time (I believe it was 2018) a crazy rumor spread through the city. They said there is a street called street of miracles. Behind the ordinary door of an ordinary house, there is a wooden box with a treasure and a miracle inside, waiting for those who need treasures and miracles. While the rumor grew, several people thought of trying to find the street of miracles. But at that street, there are many ordinary houses with ordinary doors locked safely, so, one after the other, all the disappointed treasure and miracle hunters left and never came back.

I was one of those who decided to try their luck. When I got to the street of miracles and I realized I am helpless, instead of leaving, I asked one keyhole what to do. The keyhole was surprised – no one had spoken to it before. So the keyhole decided to help me, and said 'don't go, when the time is right the right door will open and will reveal the secret you are looking for'.  ​I was not sure, but had no choice either. To cut a long story short, everything happened the way the keyhole told me. When I reached the wooden chest, I got the miracle I needed and I closed it again carefully, for the next hunter to open it. And now I am here.​