bijouxbizarres JEWELLERY wholesale showroom

bijouxbizarres JEWELLERY wholesale showroombijouxbizarres JEWELLERY wholesale showroom

greeks are very fond of questioning the greek revolution: did it really happen? was it spontaneous? was it indeed the result of national bravely, rather than a series of international political developments?

whatever the answer is, '1821' is the most important element of our national identity~   almost 200 years later, 'events' could be just details, but heroes, characters, 'faces' are a point of reference for every one of us~

greeks believe in revolutions~   plot twists, challenging the order, avoiding compromises are just some views of the same 'face'~   greeks have never been happy with mediocre comfort~   and this is probably the essence of their revolution, 'wanting it all or losing everything'~   

'1821' is a bijoux bizarres project inspired from the faces of the revolution~   in black and white~