bijouxbizarres JEWELLERY wholesale showroom

bijouxbizarres JEWELLERY wholesale showroombijouxbizarres JEWELLERY wholesale showroom

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the concept


too bizarres for the ordinary

bijoux bizarres are not for everyone~​   we feel rather different and so we design jewellery that, for some, is even strange~​   we believe in extraordinary people in an ordinary world and we love to dig into their fabulous stories and create theatrical ornaments for their glorious acts and dramas~   truly, we are happy to know that bijoux bizarres are too bizarres for the ordinary~​


​inspired from the mediterranean heritage

our sea and sun have always been a scenery for magnificent stories~   mythical personas lend us patterns​ from their heritage ornaments, together with an entire tradition of emotions and states of ​​mind~   'bijoux bizarres' design, create & present the sunniest jewelry in Athens~ 


affordably exclusive

bijoux bizarres are handcrafted in limited copies, using high-quality materials such as solid silver, freshwater pearls, semi-precious stones but also embroidery and plexi~​​   aim of our wholesale jewelry production is to provide our customers & friends with relatively affordable jewellery pieces, which they will love and wear from day to night for a lifetime~​